love of my life

May 25, 2011
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my heart beats for you baby girl
My love is strong.
My light is bright.
Hold my heart forever tight.
Wish I may, and wish I might.
I know you'll be within my dreams tonight.
ill keep you safe,
ill keep you worm,
ill keep you forever in my arms.
In your arms, forevermore.
Your love warms me to my core.
Hold me tight,
don't ever let go
never in a million years,
forever my girl,
my world,
my love,
my whole life
Love this strong
should never be hidden.
But I fear this is forbidden.
A love so dear yet so "wrong".
kiss me in the rain,
take away my pain,
make me smile like you do,
and hold me close to you
Held close.
Held fast.
Let the rain wash away our past.
bring on our new future together,
held so close arms so strong,
forever embedded I'm my sole.
our love is forbidden
but so true,
please hold me close to you
Held strong.
Held close.
Hearts so near.
Lips touch.
Hearts rush.
Love made.
Love strong.
The world will forever sing our love song.

love in out graphs,
touch of your lips to my skin
i come alive bring you with me,
the love that lights the world
and keeps soles alive is what we have,
tI'me to embrace the new and I'mproved form of the two of us,
and sing at the top or our lungs together.

Love new.
Love so right.
Two people.
Two flames.
Burning bright.
Two souls. F
ormed one.
Two hearts joined for cause.
Two fallen angels finding heaven once more
once more on the wings of a dove,
flying higher and higher above the rest,
the flame burning so bright light the darkness i used to dewl in,
now i have found you and all is right.

All is right.
All is well.
You pulled me out of my protective shell.
So hold me close.
Don't ever give up.
Held close.
Held strong.
Kissed soft.
Kissed long.
kissed sweetly,
forever safe,
forever mine,
forever in my arms.
soles now intertwined.
twisted together,
forever and ever.

I Love You Tiffany

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