Last Poem Before Midnight

May 24, 2011
By Dyler BRONZE, Stockholm, Other
Dyler BRONZE, Stockholm, Other
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The shadow is coming
The sun is going down.
Im waiting and crying
Crying while waiting.
Im still waiting for my phone to make a sound
Im waiting for my beloved to tell me everythings gonna be alright
I see the light goes from white to yellow
It's starting to show
Soon its time
Soon its midnight
And then its suicide.
Im going down to the bath...
Putting on the weight
I walk down the bridge
And i hear all the voices in my head
Saying its time
To die.
Thinking back on my dreams
While walking on the bridge
Thinking of the dreams that my head made
The dreams of drowning
And the beautiful darkness and everything just ends
Now it's only one step and then im going to drown
When i take that step
Will it all be over?
Will it be what i wished for?
What is on the other side?
Standing there for minutes just thinking...
Minutes goes by
And soon an hour has gone
The red haired boy just stands there thinking
Then all the sudden
He hears a tone
The tone he thought would never come
The tone from his cellphone.
But he left it at home
So how did he hear it?
Then he walked back home
And he saw that his cellphones battery was almost done
And at that moment
That red haired boy just crawled in to a corner
And cried
Thinking what he just have done
Why did he hear the cellphone's tone
When he thought everything was lost
Why did he care
And go home?

The author's comments:
An old piece i made for three months ago. Proud of it.

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