Rip Tide

May 24, 2011
By Anonymous


Over and over the waves rise

Plummeting on deck tearing at the men like ravenous dogs

As much as the men fight their way back up the waves are already upon them once more

Tossing them across the deck here and there like rag dolls

The winds howl like wolves and bite at the men’s chilled faces and hands

Making any movement painful and stiff

Despite their discomfort the mariners fight on through the night

Over and over the waves rise and rip away the sailors from the heaving deck

The wind driven rains are like bees pelleting the deckhands mercilessly

And yet they do they’re job, on and on

By and by

Through the riptide

The author's comments:
This article represents, that life can feel like your in the middle of one never ending storm. But in spite of that you find the strength to move through it from either God, friends, or any other entity you may worship, or call God.

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