Beauty is...

May 24, 2011
By gstaff0369 BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
gstaff0369 BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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Beauty is…

Beauty is the girl living down the street,
The pearly white house she lives in
And the coolness of her clean cut lawn through your feet

It is the burning sensation deep inside of you,
As you watch a young mother
Sooth their new born youth,

Or the levitation of your soul,
As you are secluded in front of a waterfall,
As it douses all your worries and mist continues to roll

Beauty is temptations, lust, and a trickster
That can lead even the holiest
To have devilish thoughts begin to coaster

It is a weapon, wielded by to little,
To control the minds of many
And shun the oh so brittle

Beauty is quick and low,
A blow to the heart, a blow to the ego,
Never failing to conquer its foe

Beauty is unwavering as it stands tall
It is inspiration
It is needed by us all

Beauty is the decision maker,
Controlling everybody, everywhere
You can see this on every acre

Beauty to one may not be beauty to all,
But is what truly sets us apart
What is beauty to you? This is what we should call,

To every person we may meet
To find out whom they are
And what they seek

Beauty is truly a person inside
Remember this always
And see what happiness you may find

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