May 24, 2011
As the sun was saying its goodbyes,
it slowly welcomed dusk into the skies
and we skipped while
being saturated with smiles.
We walked a few miles to get to
that vacant parking lot
which was the perfect spot
to hold what we all gathered for.
We kept our fingers crossed to keep hopes
that those wailing sirens wouldn’t show,
and our only defense was
our right of assembly.
By the time I saw you, and you saw me,
we were infatuated with
the mirrors in front of us
and I couldn’t
rip my eyes from yours.
Their beckoning blue hit me hard at the core;
deeper than the ocean’s floor
and with your arms around me,
you bring me back to shore.
Predictions of the end promised fiery comets
but it was forgotten by smoke and the smell of vomit
and with your amiable voice,
I heard no other noise
just the music that came
from your strum
of chords.

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