May 24, 2011
By Jessica G. SILVER, Aventura, Florida
Jessica G. SILVER, Aventura, Florida
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In my dreams I see your face
So vivid in color, so real
Your presence, your heat, I feel
And so I reach and reach
But all I touch is air
Empty, cold, an endless pit of hope
Photographs are all I have to know you
Your eyes so brown, just like mine
And that nose . . . we are one in the same
Where are you, because I’ve searched and searched
But all I find is infinite disappointment
My soul still feeds on hope
But soon I fear my supply will run dry
And you will stay an enigma, a man I only dreamt of
I read your letters from years ago
Over, and over, and over again
You curl your Y’s just as I do
And I cry, and cry, and cry all over them
I try to remember your voice so often, it hurts
But I never can
Mind full of lies, I buried the pain years ago
But now the truth reignites my sorrow
And I dread the day I title you worthless
Because you loved me

The author's comments:
The lack of communication between my real dad and I is what inspired this poem. It's everything I wish he knew.

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