Where I'm From...

May 24, 2011
I come from Harry Potter books stacked up in the hall,
and Avril Lavigne's lyrics pounding through my thoughts.
I come from Dance Dance Revolution after school,
and lemonade stands on the weekends.
I come from nail polish in the bottom drawer in my bathroom
and rare makeovers with my younger brother.

I come from "Remember to take your Claritin!" in the mornings
and karma-filled sneezes in the afternoons.
I come from competitive tetherball games at recess
and always leaving with a victorious smile on my face.
I come from passing notes all across the room,
finally making their way to the cute boy in the gray beanie.

I come from piano recitals and musicals,
with my family sitting front row every time.
I come from my third grade talent show
when me and Aimee Strom did a comedy bit.
I come from a wide variety of interests
and loving parents who support every single one.

I come from muffled screams through my walls
on lonely fifth grade night.
I come from tear-stained pillows cases
when they tell me they love each other.
I come from two days after my eleventh birthday
when they tell us that they don't.

I come from around the corner from my best friend at one house,
and down the street from my school at another house.
I come from my dad driving me to the movie theater,
and my mom telling me, "It's right there, you can walk."
I come from two separate houses,
but still one home.

I come from covering "Floyd the Barber" on my five-stringed guitar
every Saturday in my best friend's beat-up garage.
I come from "one day we'll be on stage"
and dreaming up one of our album covers.
I come from losing ourselves in the music
and watching as each note swam through the air.

I come from a Facebook chat on a dark October night
that ended it all with one swift 'click' and some dream-crushing words.
I come from finally taking a stand
even though I knew that the consequences were going to be tough.
I come from those awkward moments at school
when I see her and have nothing to say.

I come from dealing with the pain,
but knowing that it's ok to cry sometimes.
I come from knowing nobody's perfect,
but that everyone is equal.
I come from the story of a small town girl,
who dreams of living in a much larger world.

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