10 Years

May 24, 2011
It was her 5th birthday.
We hid behind our moms
and spoke few words.
We curiously glanced at eachother
like we were from Mars.
We slowly inched forward
from behind the comfort of our mothers
and smiles bubbled up on our faces
as if we knew that in the future
we would be best friends.

We got the same class
in the first grade.
We sat next to eachother
every chance we got.
Arts and crafts time
turned into a glob
of elementary gossip.
Even though we never got
another class together
we were never apart.

When we entered
the junior high,
things were still great,
no problems at all.
It was when she met him
that I started to lose my trust.
Suddenly, peer pressure
was a bigger issue than before.
Soon I came second to Mary Jane,
now one of my wrost enemies.

In the beginning of tenth grade,
things were pretty ok.
We rocked out in our band;
rehearsed every weekend.
Then, out of nowhere,
she pulled out her sword of shameful words
and, simply, plunged it into my heart.
She insulted my dreams,
I was fed up.
We were friends for ten years,

and that was enough.

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