Angel That My Eyes See

May 24, 2011
By FlowerakaJalyne SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
FlowerakaJalyne SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
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Last night an angel snatched my soul from my body

She told me I was too young to feel sorry for myself

I stared in to her orange eyes

I told her she couldn't imagine the feelings I feel

She doesn't know how it feels when your brain is on fire

And its a crackling sound as if my brain cells were burning

She pleaded that I pick myself up and dust myself off

I told her that the person I use to be is imprisoned by insanity

She tries to break throw but insanity always finds her

It chains her up and put her in the back of my brain

To never be found

To never be heard

Or ever be thought of

She shook her head and said maybe one day I'll realize

That I can only control my brain

Not have my brain control me

That I'm the controller of myself

Then I told her I'm no longer trying

Insanity has taken control a long time ago

You want to know how I know

She said yes

I said you don't even exist

After that she was gone

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because I was reading poetry by Emily Dickinson. I read her poem "A Funeral In My Brain" And the speaker is going insane, and I wanted to challenge myself. To see if I could make a poem about me going insane.

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