American Dream

May 24, 2011
By Kristinia Clegg BRONZE, Milford, Ohio
Kristinia Clegg BRONZE, Milford, Ohio
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I don’t want to live in reality

I would rather live a dream
I don’t want to live a fairytale
I just want to live the dream
Where I can be who I want to be
The dream of Americans
With a house and family full of love and laughter
This dream of a thousand dreamers
Work is what we know and we know it well
After all nothing good comes easily
A house with a white picket fence and all the fix ins
With a dog laying in the yard
The green grass grows and the creek runs smooth
Where heads are bowed when prayers are prayed
And grace is said before a meal
Where there is a song in every person’s heart
I’ll raise babies with the man I love
We will teach our children about living and falling in love
Teach them about how to fall and get back up
And that hard work can take them where ever they want to go
We will give our children all they need
So they can live out their American Dream
Unfortunately that was yesterday and this is today
This same dream is no longer the way
We have opportunistic people instead of opportunities
Instead of hard working people we have greedy souls
People used to come from countries all over to pursue this American dream
Until the change happened and the awoke
To find America no longer a dream but a giant joke

The author's comments:
Take this as u will and please! Simply the dream still exist but it has changed and people now view us very diffrently for it!

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