One Word

May 24, 2011
One word
Tearing me apart,
Ripping out my heart.
One word
Following me everywhere,
That word is always there.
One voice
That will never be heard
That was never even there.
One voice,
One boy
Labeled by one word
Who did not choose
To be
What you call “retarded”.
That one word hurts,
The staring,
The pointing,
The laughter,
The pain.
I feel it with him,
That one boy, one voice that never spoke,
But one voice
Will speak for him:
I will lend him my voice
Because he does not deserve this pain.
He has already fought so hard.
I will take the pain for him,
For my brother,
Who I love when the world is full of hate
Because he is more than just that
One word.

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