Fact from Fiction

May 24, 2011
By JackieLoves BRONZE, Hot Springs, Arkansas
JackieLoves BRONZE, Hot Springs, Arkansas
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A random day I walk around strutting.
I've given up on you.
I'm not sure I need you but I'm not sure I don't.
I think I need him..
You both give me two different feelings. 
To him a hot, beautiful, sweet, funny, love.. Like a superstar 
To you a gorgeous, smart, nerdy, perfect girl, a girl u want to date... Like I couldn't get any more perfect.. A goodess
I look through my things at school, it's probably the last day I can see u.. 
And the first day since we've been dating I haven't seen him...
We've kissed yes but I felt nothing 
We've said I love you yes but I don't know If it's true
I have been waiting all year till last week for you to ask me out... Nothing 
I see him last week and he makes me feel in love.. That day
As I look through the things.. Anyone could have puts stuff in.. Anyone could have taken.. Anyone could have seen.. But me. 
I don't look through them till this kind of day... The last day...
I flip through things then on the ground I see in perfect place of my last two binders, a note with the first few letters of my name.
As I unfold it the handwriting looks very familiar. As I first see the name at the end, my heart beats fast enough to have a heart attack.
Its yours 
As I read the first sentence it gets faster and faster so does my reading. So fast that when I finish the only word I remember from it is my own name. 
As I read it the second time I don't believe the words..
 ll the things I know you think are true but not the things I thought you'd tell me. 
All the sudden it feels like a dream.. When u can't tell fact from fiction.
I think real hard and come up with a conclusion.


No fiction..
And I'm stuck again..
I pinch myself as I fold up the note thinking could this be a joke or what was really your heart?
Is this what you really want to say or did I get this by mistake?
Is this all you think or did I build up a dream of you being perfect? 
Do I love him or you?
A decisions easy before seems now so hard..
The tears I've cried for u and the fault I feel for him gives me so much trouble. All I want is someones opinion. Not just anyones opinion. My best friends opinion. The only one who I completely understand and who gets me best in this world.
My next class she sits behind me. But I want to talk when know ones listening. 
As she walks into the room I can't make a sound.
I motion her over. No time to put the things on her desk.
I hand her the paper and she takes it like she knows what to do. 
She reads it then looks up.
"it has to be a joke I don't think he'd say this" 
"me either"I say with confidence.
"I can ask him If u want"
"no!" I say hastily 
I think to myself how could I. I like him. Then I remember the feeling u give me as u walk in the room. 
Class goes on...
"it looks like his handwriting."
Not the only thing I wanted to say. To be honest I couldn't tell the fact from fiction. 
"I don't think it's his. I can ask him if u want?"
I look over and watch as your group mess around. Thinking of all the pros and cons of either way. 
Both can be good.
Both could end out in sadness or happiness.
Only one is right.
At that very moment I realized there was only one way to tell the fact from fiction. 
Yes from no.
He wrote it from he didn't.
As you say something to me the first word that comes out makes me both smile and clutch the pocket which the *mystery* note is inside.
Only one way...
I turn around and put the note on her desk.
I turn around and think..
it's done.
I know that the next time I hear from her she is going to tell me the answer..
Fact or fiction.
As Im home he texts me and the whole time I keep accidentally typing in words from the note and thinking about it. I have to tell him goodbye to save my insanity. 
Fact or fiction. 
Fact or fiction?
The next text I get has the name of my best friend printed above it. 
Fact or fiction.
I don't want to rush reading it.. That would show I like you.
I don't want to wait.. Cause it's killing me inside.
Fact or fiction.
As I read the words of the text on the phone next to me all I understand is
But the look on my face and the voice in my heart screams..

The author's comments:
This is about me. The truth. I really loved a guy and the last two weeks another guy really made me realized I love him too. I can't tell who I like more or which one I like af all. Yesterday I got a note from the guy I thought I loved before. My friend asked him if he wrote it but...

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