Hero of Light

May 24, 2011
By DukeofSpain BRONZE, Jupiter, Florida
DukeofSpain BRONZE, Jupiter, Florida
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Dispersing darkness
Nothing of evil nature will stand in His path
All of wicked nature flee at His presence
A symbol of justice and what life is balanced by.

Casting away demons
A safe haven
Separate from the world’s ways
Morals based on perfection and holiness.

Terror is placed in the wickeds’ heart like spreading a virus to the decaying body
Spread by His power.
Erasing the bad, replacing it with the Hero’s soul
Ruled with good nature.

Evil spirits are eliminated by the Warrior of Peace
And His trustful angels.
His reflection is blank because nothing can match His stature,
Not even a mirror or image can contain His magnificence.

Savior of the world
Perfect in all ways
The Hero of Light.

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