Pain is a game.

May 24, 2011
By buenoselset BRONZE, Wills Point, Texas
buenoselset BRONZE, Wills Point, Texas
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Pain is nothing but a game.
Letting the tear roll down isn't a choice.
I try and try to hide the pain
Sooner or later it overtakes.
I try and try to stop it.
It over rules.
Wish they felt the same way i do.
When they beat me till they see my blood.
When they laugh, when i cry.
I cry because i want to yell.
Yell till they all see, the pain they have caused.
they cause it for joy.
deep down the have a pain.
To cause pain, hides their pain.
One day ill revenge on them.
Pain is a game.
and more then two can play at this game.

The author's comments:
This piece is about bulling. about a boy getting bullied repeatedly.
He tries to hide his pain but can't. he wants to plan revenge on the bullies. i thought this piece would be great, allot of kids these day bully either for joy, or to hide their pain of either them getting bullied or something personal.And the boy believes revenge is the best way to go. I hope you enjoy it(:

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