Don't Judge Me

May 24, 2011
By Sheena BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
Sheena BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
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Before you judge me, walk in my shoes
You have no idea my life events as they have unfolded
You could not have survived them when you’re told
One by one you’ll see, how strong I am than you think

Could you have watched your first love?
Started all happy and ended with sorrow
The love you’ve been longing for
That is now gone into waste
Could you have survived the peer pressure?
Your true friends you thought that you have
The ones who supposed to help you with your problems
But it ended the other way around
Could you have the patience for your parents?
Who’s always yelling and screaming at you
They see nothing but your wrong doings
And the good things that you do are ignored
Could you have survived walking in my shoes?
Only to have nothing left to call your own?
To have no warmth, no love, no heart, and no life left?

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