May 24, 2011
Now, your love to me is a mirage.
Something I saw, when I was not in my right mind.
And I longed for it, oh a longing that lingered, lulling me lusciously until, I convinced myself, it was everything, the only thing, and nothing, all at once.
And I walked on this journey, the first step, the next step, each step, thudding heavier than the last.
After moments, days, years, lifetimes, I got there, only to find that the image, had faded.
And then, I only wanted it, so much more.
A craving, a need, that swelled in my chest, pulsing and pumping each heartbeat, a desire rooted so deeply, it became me, or I became it, does that really matter?
And I too, became a mirage, slowly fading, longing for the unattainable, and wishing for what, we had already lost.

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