May 24, 2011
By IsayFTW BRONZE, Rock Springs, Wyoming
IsayFTW BRONZE, Rock Springs, Wyoming
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Tingling sensation enters my stomach
Kisses of sweet taste upon my lips
Life becomes great with a partner
Inseparable and Rebellious
Making love and laughing together
Speed bumps here and there
Recover and continue on
Sickening sensation enters my stomach
Bitter realization bites my tongue
Downhill, fast and inexorable
The landslide ends, sharp and abrupt
Laying in a bloody ditch my mind calls life
Time perception is gone
How long have I been here?
1 year, 2 months, and 20 days
Life wasted, Love wasted
Hate is my fuel as I trudge on
No one will enter my heart again
For Hate will protect
For Hate is my savior
My savior will never slip up
I have a reminder
Pain, is my everlasting reminder
Love never ends
Love is only pain
Disguised as good just to penetrate
Love penetrated me, now I’m lost
Hate must eradicate
I trudge on…

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