My Shaddow

May 24, 2011
By lkghowe BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
lkghowe BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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After the storm blows over,
The wind settles down and the rain clears-
It is a new day!
Today is a good day.
And I strut my stuff without a care in the world
The sun shines and covers me in warmth
Touching me like the hand of God
When I least expect it,
I glance at the ground,
I see it again.
My shadow:
Following me,
Chasing me.
Why don’t you leave?!
Every time I think you’re gone, I turn my head and…
There it is again!
Following me.
I feel like a prisoner chained to this evil.
I can’t escape.
With every step I take, with every word I hold back
Choking for relief,
My shadow weighs me down; burdens me.
The agony twists my gut and burns my soul.
Why can’t you just go away?!
-I don’t want you here!
Today is not yesterday, so go away!
Alas, my shadow never leaves.
It is always by my side.
Like a dog.
To corrupt.
To torture.
To cause me pain.
But it is my shadow
And my shadow shall remain.

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