Danger of Constriction

May 24, 2011
By Anonymous

On these hills

Of sand, I’ve lingered

For years, I’ve been caught

In this net of dangers

The lessons have been taught

The sea of waves,

The waves of sea

For years, I’ve been curious

I’m wondering why all these years

They’ve been crashing, so furious

On these hills of sand,

Surrounded by the sea

The knobs on these doors

Have been watching me

On these hills of sand,

Surrounded by the sea

The ghosts of Christmas past

Still haunt the Scrooge in me

Taking one step forward,

The bricks pull me back

Taking a breath toward

New life, it’s all I lack

It started with

This silence, I thought

But this silence is much too loud

The lioness has the bite and the bark

But her lion is too proud

Ready to get out,

This lion holds her back

Like the sand holds me

Staring at her pride, she asks,

I’m staring at the sea

I ask.

On these hills of sand,

I’m cutting ropes, and throwing bricks

Trying to get out of my mind

I’m strangled, getting sick

On these hills of sand,

I’ve lingered no longer

The mist of crashing waves

Gets bolder and stronger

On these hills of sand,

I have found the key,

But when I turn around

The door is already open

For me.

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