Jump, Leap, Swirl

May 23, 2011
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A revealed orange fog ensnares,
A ringing hurts my ears-
I cringe,
"Agh!"-the feet thunder on brown,
My Mind hisses,
My heart stones.

the orange haze emanates,
The ringing hums-
I stare,
"Uh"-feet tap wood,
My mind grumbles,
My heart wonders.

The orange glow envelopes-
The ringing beckons-
I want!
:Hm."-feet shuffle on floor,
My mind surrenders,
My heart leaps.

With the orange glow I'm enraptured,
By their laughter I am captured-
Oh!- How my soles slide on maple,
My mind is ecstasy,
My heart is love.

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