How Many Times

May 22, 2011
By Rainey GOLD, Dumfries, Virginia
Rainey GOLD, Dumfries, Virginia
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How many times,
Can you just break somebody down
because you know that you can?
How many times,
Can you let somebody drown
In hate, instead of love?
How many times,
Do we have to cry
For them, for us, and for absolutely no reason at all?
How many times,
Do we have to try;
To be different?
To fit in?
How many times,
Must we feel inferior
to these barbie dolls?
When all they are, is plastic?
How many times,
Do we have to be treated like crap
When all we do is our best?
How many times,
Can we say we don't care
When we know we couldn't care more?
How many times,
Can a girl's heart break
Over a boy that's not even worth it?
How many times,
Will we judge someone,
Based on how they look, or who they hang out with it?
How many times,
Can you sit back and watch
As tears roll down my face?
And just how long,
Will i be able to take it?

The author's comments:
so, you might not like how repetitive it is..but, that is how i kind of invisioned it being like, soooo just rate it :D

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