May 21, 2011
By M.Lyn.Luna PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
M.Lyn.Luna PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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What if I was suddenly gone?
Do you think that you would know?
What if I didn't show up?
If I finally hit a new low?
If I didn't answer emails?
If I didn't return your calls?
Would you notice my disappearance?
Would you care about it at all?

Would you cry when you found out?
Would you wonder why, or how?
Well, I couldn't give you an answer,
I can't even tell you now.

I guess I just got tired,
At first is wasn't this bad.
But life and the world continued,
And I guess I just went mad.

Do you think you could have said something?
Do you think you could have stopped me?
If you could go back in time,
Would you treat me differently?
Would you never have befriended,
A girl who was so far lost,
A girl with too much emotion,
Who paid too much of a cost?

So if I was suddenly gone,
And I didn't show up today,
Do you think that you would care?
Too bad, I won't believe whatever you say.
But when they ask if you're affected,
I really hope you lie.
Say how much you'll miss me,
As it's time for my goodbye.

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