A Run in The Rain

June 12, 2011
By , saskatoon, Canada
Mosquito’s fly around noisily, disoriented in
a frantic excitement, smashing into
the windows of tall buildings and speeding cars.
The atmosphere perspires in an
attempt to cool off from the
unbearable heat. Puffy grey
marshmallow clouds float about,
urgent with impatience.

The sky finally bursts. All its
despairs come plummeting from the sky
hitting the ground with loud sobs,
abruptly interrupting the peace, and making
gigantic puddles like mini ponds.
Running for the comfort of their homes,
everyone disperses in different directions,
everyone but me. I listen
to the rumble of clashing clouds
displaying their disappointment.

Comfort is far, caught in a
storm nowhere near home
but having it can
only be obtained while remaining
neutral or stationary,
which will give no gains
big nor small.

The fresh scent of lake water invites me to stay
feeling as if it were the very first time
I’d ever done anything just for fun
with no worry or care of what others
might say, aimlessly I run about as
the long with held tears soak me.
I sympathize, for I know it won’t be easy
But I too can finally break free

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