May 21, 2011
Listening to the wind of the beckoning call
I hear of things that I do not know at all
I search out to find the fabled tales of old
I search in wind, and water; I search in hot and cold

The trees rustle as the bells chime nine
Finding a place to rest this heavy heart of mine
It’s hard to know exactly where to go
When all that’s here to work with is the unpredictable flow

Still the search continues for the knowledge of something more
Frustrated, I stop, sweating and drop to the floor
All this strain and stress seems to be more than I can bare
Till you walked up and I saw your feet standing over there

“Here,” you said to me, holding out your hand
“Take it, I’m here for you. I will help you stand.
You’ve given up to much of yourself for something you cannot seek
Be still, don’t worry, I’ll give you more than you could ever think.”

“Who are you?” I asked, half hoping you wouldn’t say
You simply took my hand and lifted me up and told me, “Not today.”
From that moment on I always wondered who you were
Though hints were made, and subtleties gave, I never could infer.

You stayed with me from then on, never telling me your name
Sometimes I had to remind myself that you were not playing a game.
Serious and determined, you stood by my side
I knew when pain and sorrow came, with you I could always hide.

The pit I was in was stretching me thin but you pulled me out of the well
You gave me water for my lips, of your kindness I could never tell.
As time flew by it all grew deeper and better still
Much of my life had come and gone but nothing that you couldn’t fill.

Ahead of us, I know the road is sure to be just as tough
But our past being what it is, I could never have enough.
Together we will keep it going through every sort of time
With grace, passion, love, and loyalty, I am yours and you are mine.

So in whatever the future may hold, I know one thing is true
That no matter what life throws our way I will always have you.
Back then, now, and for eternity, your hands I will hold
Let’s jump into this life together and watch the story unfold.

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