skitzo? agorphobia?

May 21, 2011
By anonamouse SILVER, Saffron City, Other
anonamouse SILVER, Saffron City, Other
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here lived a man so jolly and cheerful
though, he was happy he lived fearful
caged in his home, wont go outside
for he fears that the horrors he thinks up will come to life
he feels the only place safe for him are his dreams
so thats where he lives his life a dream in reality
once it started he couldn't be helped
the voices, the creatures overtook him he's no longer himself
so here's to the man who wont step outside
no one knows if hes dead or alive
for how could he live with no food for months?
perhaps the monsters of his mind shrunk
shrunk to a size so small they could get inside him
overtook his mind and body, he has no choice but to abide to them
the demons inside probly don't have a need for mundane things the human does
instead, its meal is the mans fear and blood
so pray for the man who cant step outside
a prisoner of his own mind
pray the demons leave and he no longer has to abide
you may be his only hope, the only chance he has to be freed
free to be to jolly man he used to be.

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