The answer is love.

May 21, 2011
His love is contagious.
It's a cold that no matter how much chicken soup you have, it won't go away.
He's like the chill that would bring down a fever,
and the only medicine I would like.
Why does this hurt?
Why does losing this one guy, kill me on the inside?
The answer is love.
I can't sleep, because I dream of his touch.
I'm never hungary anymore, because my tears keep me full.
My eyes, once so so red and swollen.
I can't count how many times you've crossed my mind.
And how many times I've cried.
I gave you my heart, and you promised not to hurt it.
But then she had you forget your promise, and you left.
Me for her.
Shattering my heart for her whole one.
Why I still cry, I'll never know.
I tell myself I'm over you,
But then we connect eyes as we pass each other...
I can't help myself, but I'll always care.
I'll always miss the times we had.
They are engraved in my mind.
In my dreams.
In my heart.
I never loved nobody fully until you came.
You gave love a new definition.

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