Stairs to Color

May 21, 2011
By JourneyOn SILVER, West Oneonta, New York
JourneyOn SILVER, West Oneonta, New York
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My downy bed calls
I glide on up the stairs
Receiving cold and wicked stares
From the pictures on the walls

One calls to me, from its designated place
As it silently sits there
The cold, steel eyes, they’re
Boring holes into my face

The creaky floor beneath my feet
I fear that crumble, it would
For it is made of old and weathered wood
That sags beneath my feet

Upon stepping into my room
I hear the windowpanes rattle under the force of the rain
The sky is its domain, for that is wear it reigns
Way up in the sky with a backdrop of the moon

“When will it stop?”
I wonder aloud
For rain is cruel and cold and should not be allowed
And then, as if it hear me, it suddenly just stops

With eyes full of wonder
I peer out the window and see
A beautiful colorful sea
All twisting and turning as if in a blender

The colors begin to divide
ROY G BIV, they turn into
They form beautiful rainbows, two
A beautiful picture, they provide

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inwonder said...
on Nov. 22 2011 at 8:12 am
Excellent poem! You have such a great way to draw pictures with words.

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