"Anonymous Love"

May 21, 2011
By The9thDoctor BRONZE, North Windham, Connecticut
The9thDoctor BRONZE, North Windham, Connecticut
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"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for." - Bob Marley

Blank Stares At Blank Pages, No Easy Way To Say This…
The Day I Needed Someone Most, I Turned And Saw You There.
I Opened Up And Let You In, Even Though Deep Down I Was Full Of Fright,I Was Such A Mess, My Life Had Fallen Apart, But Piece By Piece You Put Together This Broken Heart…

She’s The Girl Who’s Caught My Eye, She’s The Girl I Can’t Deny,
I Feel Like We Both Belong, She Sees I’m So Shy,
But I So Want To Be Her Guy.
There’s Just Something About Her, It’s The Way She Has Her Hair,
I Just Can’t Help But Stare, She Has So Much Flare.
I So Want To Reach Out And Touch, And Give Her All My trust.

She May Only Be One Person To The World, But She May Be The World To One Person. I Look At The Night Sky, Many Stars I See, But In My Eyes No Star Shines Brighter Than Thee. I Need The Moon Light Of Her Heavenly Eyes, After The Days Grand Sun Has Drifted By.

I Have These Feelings, Deep Inside…
Feelings That I Have To Hide. I Don’t Know If She Feels Anything For Me,And I Don’t Know What To Do About It, But I’m Willing To Try.
When I See Her I Feel Uptight, And Yet When She’s Around I Feel So Right. I Yearn To Feel Her Touch, And When She leaves I Miss Her So Much. One Day I’ll Express How Special You Are, So Until Then I Will Retain This rush,
And Until Then I’ll Contain My Crush…

The author's comments:
For A Girl I May Have fallen For...Hope You Enjoy This Piece.

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