Dear Sister

May 21, 2011
By cocodro SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
cocodro SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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I can’t stroll in a straight line and
I know it makes you angry, but
I just want you to know that it’s
definitely not on purpose

not every time at least; besides, it’s my job as the younger child anyway

I’d rather devour your French fries than
my own because yours taste so much
better, but please don’t offer me them
because then I won’t have succeeded

I’ll just feel defeated and you’ll be more fed up

I talk: during movies, to myself,
when you want to be left alone,
and a lot of the time it’s just to hear
my self-declared beautiful voice

please don’t ask me to stop because I’ll talk even louder just for you

Know it all worries me and it
keeps me up at night; so above all else,
I’m sorry you don’t think I’m sorry and I
hope you’re not sorry for keeping me up

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