Outcast London

May 21, 2011
By Anonymous

Born into the night
a cry echoes through Hoxton
bouncing off the walls of the stone lane
a set of siblings
r and r
A Kill to the CRY

Born into a world of women
well loved
Gave them the world
they returned the favour

Born into the world
that was ready for an anti hero
glamorous life
of those who know
crime pays
draw your sword and fight

Born with a connection
bonded by brotherhood
One gives
The other does
A well worn existence
A dance step that worked for them

Born the same
growing different
A love for a wife
Control of a brother
Cutting a crack in the bond

Violence fixes everything
Younger knows the truth
Older falls apart but stands still
Pushed together again
for always
Young makes sure of that

Fame and Infamy
They've reached the top
Fall halfway down
Stuck in the middle
Separated by law
Their story is known

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the London mobsters known as The Kray twins.

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