Marlboro's at Midnight

May 21, 2011
By Anonymous

The dark is overpowering
at this time of night
there's no stars in the sky
lights of the city make sure of that
She sits on the wall of her porch
legs bare, her shorts grow wet
striped wool pull-over makes her look
like a German film director
she leans against the stone pillar
shaking her hair
a shaggy mess of bangs
get in the way of her eyes
it's okay though
she doesn't want to see the world anyway
a cigarette dangles from her hand
only half smoked
grace her lips for a second
blow a perfect circle of smoke
her one true talent
raccoon rimmed eyes
focused on nothing
thinking of nothing
consumed by everything
finishes her cigarette
looks at her watch
ten past midnight
she finds that she's locked herself out
she could use
another cigarette

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