"yes tori, its all a big conspiracy"

May 21, 2011
By anonamouse SILVER, Saffron City, Other
anonamouse SILVER, Saffron City, Other
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(he takes our lives and the ones we love
he justifies this by saying he's the one who gave
though he's not here, he works from above
if hes the one who created he created the worlds pain.)

we trust him entirely
and lay down our souls
he says he loves us
and takes care of us all
he callas himself man
yet,is not in flesh
he sets us up for disasters and calls them his tests

he warns "beware of the silver tongued snake"
but out lives and souls HE so mercilessly takes
silver though is a valuable metal
strong and bright
maybe the path of this "snake" is actually right

there must be a reason why the best angel left your side
perhaps you were the one darkness dwells inside
so here you are today
worshiped in fame
you play us all like puppets
in your disguised evil game.

The author's comments:
dont know much about christianity, but whatever.

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