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May 21, 2011
By anonamouse SILVER, Saffron City, Other
anonamouse SILVER, Saffron City, Other
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hands on the toilet
head full of shame
its now a need, not just a game
pressure to stop, but pressured to abuse
you no longer get to choose
this has carried on,way to long
i hope you know now, you were wrong
scared to fail, scared to revert
it started with sadness, you will finished hurt
this unfair addiction has you caught
your the only one to blame, it wasn't something you were taught
but ill have you know its better when you stop
trust me please iv been here too
that's why I'm writing these lyrics to you
i may not know your reasons or exactly the cause
i cant cure all those problems, try the wizard of oz
but i can help you with this sickness,
find you a better way to deal
step one- don't purge your next meal

next tI'me your tempted and you have your finger ready
stop and hold steady
think of what you put your body through, think of the full extent of what your about to do
honestly______ it's not worth the complications
theirs many other ways , find one like i did
there's diet pills and gyms, but you really don't need any of them
i think the best advice at the moment i can give
is to love and except yourself exactly the way you
you don't realize how beautiful and perfect you really are
no one does, but to restrain from telling you is hard
you have it good and that's something you need to know, so this problem of yours really has to go
the one to write this to you will always remain secret
I'll understand if you don't want to keep it
but please get help, i know you need it.

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