May 20, 2011
By SammyJean GOLD, Andalusia, Alabama
SammyJean GOLD, Andalusia, Alabama
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Everything happens for a reason

I don't even know what to feel
Every time I think my thought begin to reel

I never thought this would happen
To have you behind my back laughing

How could you be so stupid?
Why'd you think you could do it?

I've heard I'm sorry many times
I'm beginning to think it was all lies

I can't even look at you
You're a liar, deceiver, and betrayer, too

You disgust me when you speak to me
You hurt me in so many places you can't see

I wonder if you're thinking of her when we're together
It kills me, like I've been whipped with leather

I was stupid to give you my all
To trust and love you so I could fall

You say you're sorry and want to take it back
But, it's too late, you already saw her rack

I wanna end the two of us
If I knew it wouldn't cause such a fuss

I saw the texts and all the pictures
You two are a bunch of stupid creatures

I wish I could live without you
Even though I know it's insane not to

You're my heart, but now it's broken
You've crushed it, now it's nothing but a token

You hurt me so bad
Oh, I'm sure that make you really sad

But I know we can't part
We've know this from the start

I love you, no matter what you do
But you won't do it again I can guarantee that, too

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