May 20, 2011
By Bubbly_Bailey SILVER, Park City, Utah
Bubbly_Bailey SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Hello, young and innocent couple.
You seem so happy and ignorantly blissful in the face of your lives together.
However, what I say is going to help you.
I promise, that none of my words hence forth are anything but a small warning.
I’d like you to meet my friend, Insanity.
He enjoys chilly nights and the feeling you get when you’ve
Been sitting too long on your feet, and as you stand
They prickle like pins and needles.

Don’t be shy, for you’ll become quite well acquainted with Insanity,
For you see, he’ll be the one judging your relationship for the next while.
I promise, he’ll throw every obstacle he can at you,
And test every ounce of patience you own.
He won’t relent, I’m telling you now.
He’ll give you a small taste of freedom in the midst of his anger,
But don’t become too relaxed, for within days
He’ll be back to twisting your relationship again.

You see, he’ll be the one to open your eyes to every flaw you thought you’d covered up.
He will target your insecurities, and brutally throw them in your lover’s face.
He will make sure that the Awkward Silence also becomes a well acquainted friend,
And that, at times, you’ll wish you’d never met your partner.
He’ll eventually be the straw that breaks the camel’s back,
Forcing you to wholly and totally take in this person you claimed to have loved.
He will force you to make a choice, to look at the person whom you have chosen,
And truly, really, make your commitment.

And if you are one of those people who doesn’t like what they see, do not be ashamed.
Most people are like you, in fact. Just don’t be the one who denies such a thing.
Listen to what Insanity has shown you, as he’s the one that’ll acquaint you with Doubt.
It might be hard to part ways, but don’t be too sad. There will always be other loves.
And I swear, Insanity will be there to guide you then, too.
If you don’t believe me, ask him yourself. Insanity likes to visit people who’ve already met him once before.
They seem to believe that they can tackle all of his deceptions, but don’t be foolish.
Insanity always has new tricks up his sleeve. Many times, they are old ploys in disguise.

If you are one of the people that finds yourself still as much in love with that person,
Then I congratulate you. You’ve lived through the hardest part, as long as you’re being honest with yourself.
I will say that I am proud you’ve stood strong through Insanity’s many misdemeanors,
I know he likes to cause trouble.
But, beware my dear couple, for Insanity isn’t done with you yet.
He’ll return a great deal, sometimes in petty fights, and other times in the complete
Wish wash of life. You’ll find he likes to sneak up on you. Like I said, Insanity likes to visit people who have already met him once before.

Don’t fear, young couple, for you see, Insanity is really doing you a favor.
He’s weeding out the ones that you won’t truly want to be with in the end.
He’s forcing you to reveal yourself wholly, and accept what you have chosen.
He is, by all means, giving you chances, time and time again, to look and run away, to find someone new.
And running may be hard, but your life will end easier than if you stayed still where you didn’t want to be.
So, when you are old, young couple, and thinking back on these days where Insanity was a frequent
Diner in your kitchen, you must remember to thank him.
Thank him for showing you who you really were, and what you really wanted out of life.
And thank him for never abandoning you.

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