The Day

May 20, 2011
By ccccrazy SILVER, Marshfield, Massachusetts
ccccrazy SILVER, Marshfield, Massachusetts
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One day the cancer will be gone
and she will be healthy once more
One day we will think back
and reflect on everything
we went through
One day this will all be behind us
But also, one day, I might have it
One day, oh one day.
One day I will get a boyfriend
One day I will fill the hole in my heart
One day my self-esteem won't be below zero
One day someone will know everything
One day I will be complete
One day I will build a cabin
One day I will go far far away
Next year I will go to high school
One day I wont be treated like I'm two
One day I will be happy to see you
One day someone will take the time
to let me speak and not say a peep
One day I will be pretty
and I will be envied
One day I will make all of their jaws drop
But for now, can you just make it stop?
That day is so far away
so, today, beg me to stay.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a reflection of my life.

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