Wayward Highways

May 20, 2011
By JudeWaldo BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
JudeWaldo BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Fear makes me a Writer, fear and lack of confidence."
-Charles Bukowski

Driving you madly into you're

Forbidden highways.

Heading wayward.

Broken radio conscious unheard

As you come closer before

you move faster.

To the muses you've never

disarmed: Here they are

presented before you.

Here they are, no longer

whisked away by your

windshield wiper iris.

Here they are, shackled

to your mesmerizing muffler


Your low beams no longer

a finger to your fender

bender lips.

Your highbrow is now too low

for you to safely pass under.

Your ride has been a speed trap.

And they have climbed your tail,

marched the steps of your spine,

and now stand with their

feet stabbed in your scalp.

They bellow in thrilling voices,

"Now inspire us!."

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