winters coming

June 9, 2011
By , hubbard, OR
Winters coming

It was a cool fall day
The leaves were changing color and falling
The blue bird was chirping as she made her winter nest
Animals were eating or storing food for the winter
For they all knew what winter a wait
Mice and chipmunks run across the forest floor
As they search for winter supplies
Black bears eat berries and fish
As preparation for their hibernation
Other animals are preparing their dens
For they know the harsh winter is coming
Some animals are just enjoying being alive
For when winter comes they will surely die
As winter rolls in
All the animals cautiously wait
For spring to come along
So they can resume their lives
Until they roll over and die

There once was a boat
That was driven through a moat
The driver spilled a pie
And the engine started to die
The driven went into frenzy
His friend called him a pansy
The driver thought of a plan
But it required a really large fan
His friend looked everywhere
Bu all he found was a pear
They tried to turn the engine on
The chance of living was almost gone
Then suddenly it started
And they slowed and parted

There once was a boy
That was addicted to a toy
It was a very special present
It also came with a pheasant
But he took it like a man
Until he got pushed him into a van
The school bully picked on him
With another kid named Prim
The boy went home and played wall ball
He hit the ball into the wall
His mother saw and he got grounded
He knew he was about to get pounded
Then he claimed he could fix it
But his parents had to promise he wouldn’t be hit
They promised and shook hands
But they shot him with rubber bands
He then fixed the wall
And shortly after returned the ball
And life went on

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