Your favorite nightmare

May 20, 2011
lets pretend

that you're kissing me this time

lets play pretend its not her face you see.

lets pretend I'm the one you want to say goodbye to..

and then...

lets be honest and make this..

the last time we say goodbye,

when you leave this time,

don't come running back.

just this once i want you to kiss ME,

open your eyes,

and for the first time see my face.

you want that

petite, blond haired, blue eyed angel,

and I'm a hazel eyed brunette.

you say I'm your favorite nightmare,

and she's your saving grace,

open your eyes,

because its not her face before you.

kiss ME this time.

this last time.

as we say goodbye for absolute certain,


and kiss hello those perfect lips you long for,

because i have a new friend,

and he's kind of cute,

and he's asked me out for a drink or two...

and i want to say yes,

but can't because of you.


you do what you want to do,

let me be who i am.

but first..

kiss me as i am..

your favorite nightmare.

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