We Three

May 20, 2011
By krysling PLATINUM, Naples, Florida
krysling PLATINUM, Naples, Florida
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i'm going to miss the way we laugh,

the way we talk about everything-

all bluntness and no shadows.

it's all right there for everyone to see.

i'm going to miss your arm across my waist when we sleep,

and your head on my shoulder,

and the warmth of the smiles between us

even when i feel so cold i think i might freeze to death.

i'm going to miss our late nights,

and not so early mornings,

and meals made of goddess knows what- or when.

i'll miss your fangs, and your devil's grin

and my smile when i'm with you.

i'm going to miss the craziness,

the 1 am stops at 7 eleven,

and subway,

after a night of dancing or kareoke at J.R's or Karma.

i'll miss the stupid inside jokes-

the evil toaster,


and the rabid wolf ghosts that still make me wary of sage.

i'm going to miss you.

both of you.

because i'm a lone wolf,

that stumbled on a pack,

and doesn't quite want to let it go.

i haven't had enough time

to get used to the idea of being without one of you.

nor have i had time

to get used to the idea of loving you both,

or missing you both,

or being close to anyone.

so here we are,

we three.

plus my extra at least two,

and all the ghosts behind our eyes,

and slight secrets about to spill across willing lips.

and here i am.

on the edge of a place i don't remember clearly,

because i'm not really sure if i've been here before or not.

and i'm looking at you both,

and i'm looking at the edge,

and i'm wondering...

if i jump with you..

will i fall? like i always have?


will i fly?

The author's comments:
my "pack" inspired this one. we're kinda close.

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