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May 20, 2011
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You're just an adult
In your eyes were just a children
but our knowledge exceeds your world
our knowledge of the world and it's cruel ideas

If you walk into a school
you see children and young adults
you wouldn't be able to see that each one of then has a story

you wouldn't guess that that girl in the back of the room has scars on her arms
you wouldn't guess that that boy in the corner alone has decided that he'll pull the trigger later tonight
you wouldn't guess that that girl in the middle row gets called a w**** everyday
you wouldn't guess that that young man in the front of the room gets beaten up every night by his drunk father
you wouldn't know who any of these people are

sure you might know their names and their faces
but you don't know
you don't know that we live in a world of judjment

a world where each person has to be a paper cutout
if you're different you have to pay for it
if you weight to much
if you where the wrong clothes
if you're not an exact copy
you're shunned for life.

Yet you adults expect us to come home and say everything was fine
you have no clue
and you sit there and say you understand
you tell us that everyone loved you in school
well were not you
yet you still expect us to tell you nothing is wrong

you don't get it
you don't see this generation for what it is
you see us as kids

you fail to see that we are in a different time than you were
we grow up in a judgmental world
we live with those who think they're better than us

so it is you that has to grow up
not us
for we are wise in the matters of the human
we have the knowledge of the world that you don't

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GraceFaith said...
Jun. 2, 2012 at 6:00 am

Please I want constructive critism. I need this to become a better writer. Please leave a message.


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