Peace is Forever Gone

May 20, 2011
By p0of_star BRONZE, Flushing, New York
p0of_star BRONZE, Flushing, New York
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Peace is forever gone, like the black exhaust of a broken down car.
It takes away the colors of life and then disperses in the air.

Our love for each other has died, like the music at the end of a sad movie.

There is no family, just acquaintances.
A misunderstanding can turn loving sisters into cold strangers.
We’ve created a fun house of illusions
Living in the hall of mirrors, trying to find the real set of eyes.

All hell breaks loose now,
Like chaos on the busiest street in Manhattan.

I haven’t the clue why,
But I am certain,
That this is not the last time.

Living the lie you created for yourself and the outside world,
Feels like dressing up as the Brady Bunch on Halloween,
Knowing underneath you’re not.

We can pretend that all things will get better,
That the costume ends up being who we really are.

But our lives are all but simple.

We live within the walls of our lies,
Branded with anger, stress, and denial.
These walls are keeping our depression from reaching our love on the other side.

I grab a broomstick, and chuck it at the wall, just to see if anything happens. There's just a scratch. I pick it up and throw it harder this time. Now there's a dent. I look at my sisters frozen in shock, confused. I yell, “Come on!” I hand one of them the broomstick and the other grabs a chair. I grab for a pan and we stand in front of the wall.

Ready for the battle that’s about to commence.

We charge and attack.

In the midst of the chaos, our tears start flowing, our arms get sore, and we pause for a few breaths. Gaping holes are connected by the cracks.

We step through and feel the rush of relief.

As we wait for the dust to settle, we see our “Before”- a projection of our former selves as sisters.

We walk towards the memory, trying to figure out how we got from there to here.
We turn around to see our demolition and we see the three pairs of footprints separated by huge amounts of debris.

The author's comments:
When I originally wrote PEACE IS FOREVER GONE, it was after my sisters had a big argument that left them not talking to each other for almost two months. The poem is about how one little thing can become so big and destroy a relationship between your own sisters.

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