Dark Eyes

May 20, 2011
By OhMySaraaa SILVER, Campbell, New York
OhMySaraaa SILVER, Campbell, New York
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I see her.
Back against the wall,
I want to help her,
I can’t.
I see her suffering,
She’s crying on the floor,
I want to dry her tears,
Mascara smears down her cheeks,
Black rivers.
Dark eyes.

I see her.
Smiling a fake smile.
She’s gotten good at what she does,
Covers up the bruises,
The hurt with cover up and sweet smile.
I remember her eyes,
Because I cannot forget,
No one can forget her eyes.
They used to shine.
But now she is empty,
Seeing everything and yet nothing,
With her dark eyes.

I see her.
Once again,
I call out to her,
But she cannot hear me,
I am invisible.
I’m just a memory of what she used to be,
The strength she used to have.
She doesn’t want to look in the mirror,
Afraid of what she’ll find waiting for her.
Another mark?
Bruise, perhaps?
If she’s lucky she won’t find anything at all.
Just another day she spends,
Looking past herself in the looking glass.
Seeking what is not there anymore,
Lost in time.
Lost along with her strength,
Her sanity,
Her bright eyes.

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