Tick Tock

May 20, 2011
I’m a time bomb
Tick tock
Watch the clock
Are you waiting for the final seconds?
It will be quite the display
I don’t need to hear what you have to say
You had your chance to speak your mind
But you declined
So now it’s too late
You just have to wait and see
The breakdown of me
Watch the clock
Tick tick tock
It’s almost time
I want to say I’m prepared
I’m ready to set fire to all the memories we shared
Waiting for the final moments
I cant wait to scream
Fall apart at my seams
Im ready to burn
Let go of everything I am
I don’t know this person Ive become
She is just a stranger in the night
Come watch me
Get caught in the fire
Waiting for the last moments to expire
Tick Tock
Im watching the clock
Are you sure your ready to see
The destruction of a person
The breakdown of me?

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