Poem To You

May 20, 2011
To those who have suffered,
Have begged,
Felt the pain,
Feel lost…

Words don’t work,
Laughter is a joke,
Tears are for the weak,
And hugs seem to burn the skin.

Know what I am going through,
Feel my pain,
See the tear-glazed eyes that shed not one tear,
Hear my silent cries… I think not!

Kindness is a sin,
This world is living in peril,
Filled with silent cries for help,
Kindness is a lie… Not really there.

Broken people,
Shattered living,
Stolen dreams,
Life is not fair… But never beyond repair.

A light in the darkness,
A smile of wariness,
The brightness is blinding,
A still tear upon the cheek… Take a breath…

Rearrange the pattern,
Double check that list,
Hear the music,
Fell the bliss… We are free.

Free to fine accept,
To see past the lies,
To have the truth in our hands,
Let this world stand on its own… For we need just a moment…

Laugh a little,
A still tear on the cheek… It feels right to me.

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ErosFox said...
Sept. 27, 2012 at 10:08 am
It really goes "Free to Finally Accept"  not  "Fine Accept"... ah! Typos.
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