May 18, 2011
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A blow to the soul, incomparably stunning
And disturbingly soft
Like a hollow violin’s eerie melody
The words, a chorus of falsified sympathetic emotions
I stared out the tear-streaked window,
The dismal effect of their words, a comparative lie.
Queasy, uneasy, unformed and destroyed,
My assuaged breakdown of reality
Many times I’d known this moment would pass,
But never contemplated the feelings
Not of sadness but rather at impassive peace
Right place, wrong time, unnerving twist was all,
This moment suspends in time forever.
I am now a sick demented monster for being grateful
My world is as shattered as a mirror
No longer am I the ideal child
I am thrown to frowned upon alliances of pitied parents,
But not thrown, rather tossed into the ice castle that is life
Stripped of my crown and my throne is usurped
For they tell me I am delicate, like a white porcelain doll
Unconsciously, I wonder what the other kids will think
Will they compare my parents to Roman plebeians?
Brutal, and below standard;
The cause of this common descent into dark dementia
I suppose so many children experience this suspended moment
An instantaneous cleave of the soul that binds the inter-workings of life
I ponder whether life should be structured in this way
Maybe love is just a concept
And marriage is a lie, an exemplary conceptual flaw
At least I realize I am not at fault
I know they still love each other deep inside
But all I can say now is at least it has ended
And for the most part I am now set free.

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