The Dance

May 18, 2011
By Anonymous

The fluidity of movement,
Such a graceful thing. Gliding across
The floor, flowing like water.
Move by move, the being concentrates
On telling a story. A story through emotion
And action. A story of life and passion. A story of feeling.
A story of love.

This figure leaps to the highest height and turns at the fastest
Pace. And then stops. Soaks in the atmosphere. And begins again.
Step upon step, breath upon breath, the music intensifies the beautiful
Moment being portrayed. Adding to the action taking place, it too tells a
Story. With the companionship of a dancer.

The dance is everywhere. On stage, in a room, in a dream. In life.
We dance through each day some happy some sad. Each moment
Has a dance to illuminate that one piece of us that makes us who we are.
We dance to laugh. We dance to love. We dance to create joy in the world.
We dance to transition from week to month to year. We dance because it is
All we know in this world. The dance of life will live on forever.

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