May 18, 2011
By emiilyy52 GOLD, Western Springs, Illinois
emiilyy52 GOLD, Western Springs, Illinois
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No reason to leave,
isn’t a good reason to stay,
Hoping for the sun
wont make the rain go away.
Slow & steady now,
like tiptoeing down the stairs.
It’s like wanting one sock,
when you know they come in pairs.
If you look both ways, but there isn’t a break,
You can’t put it in reverse
when there’s too much at stake.
If a hearts what is on the line,
then believe me it is true,
You must listen quite carefully,
it will whisper what to do.
When the smiles resign from their so thought changless place,
The heartache sets in,
to fill the empty space.
If your head starts to question,
just lean into your heart,
Then your true answer wont be far apart.

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