I'll Be Gone

May 18, 2011
By fightingforwhat95 SILVER, Webster, New York
fightingforwhat95 SILVER, Webster, New York
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Look at me and tell me what you see. Blond hair? blue eyes? Pink rosy cheeks? Or can you see what I feel? Do you look into my big eyes and hear my tears and screams? Listen to me and tell me what you hear. My laugh? My words as the drift away from soft lips. Or do you know better than to believe me when I say everything is alright and that I’ll be fine. Now touch me, hold my hand just once and feel every burn that has been put upon me. Lay your hand against my face and feel those burns from pain stricken tears. Now put it all together into one symphony of dying notes while the chorus continues to scream. Now put it all together, look at me, hear me, and feel me, because at this moment I’m here, I’m next to you but you only get so many chances. I might grow tired of waiting for you. For you to actually see me, really listen and for you to know what you have when you hold my hand. I’m here for now, but you won’t always be so lucky for the next time you turn to me, I’ll be gone. This time I won’t be coming back for you and I’ll be free from my burning tears. I love you, but you no longer have the chance to scar my heart. Those burning tears have left my soul and now belong to you forever. So listen to me, realize what you have, look at me and see what’s really here for you. I could be gone at any moment.

The author's comments:
For anyone that has ever been standing around waiting for that person, be strong and walk away! I promise the first sting of leaving is better then staying.

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