May 18, 2011
From the time we enter school
Everyone is encouraging us
“To make friends”
We seek acceptance all our lives
Acceptance of our friends
They force us to cross lines
They steer us towards danger
They tell us lies to gain our secrets
They take their anger out on our happiness
They step on us to further themselves
Competition and jealously overtaking
According to some friends are among the best gifts of life
But in actuality
Don’t they cause more bad than good?
Wouldn’t it simply be easier
For us to live amongst but secluded
From the world of friends?
It would give us the benefit of friendship
But the privacy of our freedom
There would be no stress of pleasing others
No one pressuring us to be what we aren’t
No one to stomp upon our back in order to climb higher on the ladder
Maybe it is not friendship that needs to be revised
But those who we are inept to give the title of friend to

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